Happy Day

I haven’t had any bleeding today! Wow, that hasn’t happened in months. Up until yesterday I was still spotting but today absolutely nothing. I feel like a normal pregnant girl, this is so awesome. I’m praying this continues and the separation completely heals. I’m excited for the anatomy scan a week from today, hopefully the doctor can see improvement.

Guillermo and I are driving to our home state for Guillermo’s Grandma’s 80th birthday party tomorrow. Gramma (as everyone calls her) is such an awesome lady and I can’t wait to hang out with her and the hundreds of Guillermo’s extended family members. We’re staying with my parents so I’m really excited to have some quality time with them while Guillermo takes the nephews snowboarding for a few of the days.

No more bleeding, no more work until Wednesday, and looking forward to seeing lots of family this weekend. It is a happy day.

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It’s a Boy

Oh the joys of high risk pregnancy. We had another ultrasound yesterday afternoon and got to find out that we are having a boy. At the clinic we go to patients don’t usually find out the gender until 19-20 weeks at the anatomy scan but since we are on the every two week ultrasound plan we got to find out a bit early (there has to be a perk to all of this stress right?). It’s funny, neither of us cared if we were having a boy or girl, either one would be fine with us, but we were both so excited when we heard it is a boy. I think it just feels like it’s more real to us, like we might actually one day be parents to this adorable little guy.

It was an appointment of mostly good news. The little guy is growing right on track even though I have been off the Lovenox now for over three weeks. We finally got the results of the NT scan and blood work back and the doctor told us the odds of our baby having a chromosomal abnormality are about one in 9,000. I can’t remember the exact number and there were a few different chromosomal abnormalities that he gave us odds on but they were both around one in 9,000. The doctor also said that although it was too early to do a complete anatomy scan what he could see looked really good.

I was really excited that since Wednesday the bleeding has seemed to let up a little but looking at the ultrasound the doctor said the clot was still there and hadn’t gone down in size at all so that was a disappointment. It is also still behind the placenta and that’s scary. I was hoping he would tell me everything is healing up fast but no such luck. I still have all of the restrictions I’ve been on for the last four months. I’m not complaining though, I can do anything even if it ends up being for nine months if it will mean a healthy little boy.

I’m really trying to focus on the positive and this time it isn’t too hard because there was so much good news at this appointment. Even though the blood clot is still there and not going down in size it’s reassuring to me that I’m not bleeding as heavily lately. Seeing the blood day in and day out is so stressful, it’s nice to have a bit of a mental break.

Guillermo is getting off work early today and we’re heading to the big city to buy a new couch and area rugs for our dining room and family room. We bought the couch and love seat we have now 12 years ago when we were just married. My Dad was with us when we picked them out and I still remember him telling us “don’t just buy the cheapest set, you are going to end up having this for a long time and it might be worth it to spend a little more money to have something you really like” but of course being the frugal people we are we didn’t listen to him, bought the cheapest set, and have not really liked it for the last 12 years. Then, when we took out the carpet and put in pergo floors last year our neighbors had just bought new area rugs so they gave us their old ones to use until we bought new ones. So, we’ve had a nicely remodeled house with an old couch, love seat, and area rugs for about a year now and it’s time we spent some money and finish off the remodel project. When we looked at this house before we bought it six years ago the people living here had a sectional couch that fit perfectly in the family room and we have talked about buying one for a long time so today is finally the day. We are also meeting up with some good friends who live in the big city who don’t know our big news yet. We haven’t hung out since early November and we wanted to tell them in person so we finally get to today. I can’t wait.

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Maternity Clothes

With all of my doom and gloom posts I need to post something happy.
I came to work the other day to bags of maternity clothes under my desk from my boss who gave birth in November. So far I’ve been ok wearing the clothes I have but I’m sure I’ll be needing some maternity clothes in the next month or so. I’m very thrifty and cheap and have been dreading spending money on clothes I can only wear for a few months. My boss on the other hand is very stylish, spares no expense on clothes, and is my exact same size. It was like Christmas going through all of the clothes, I’m going to be better dressed pregnant than I am normally. There are so many cute tops, designer jeans,and even a swimsuit. I’ll be surprised if I have to buy anything. I just can’t thank her enough.

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No Magic Cure

My OB doctor called back yesterday. He had talked to the Perinatologist who agreed that stopping the Lovenox and continuing with my physical restrictions is really the only thing I can do right now to stop the bleeding and start healing the separation.

After the miscarriage my RE really felt that it was my immune system (because I have the immune disorder Ulcerative Colitis) that caused my blood to clot and that’s why I miscarried. He wanted me to do the antibody blood work but told me that regardless of the results he would put me on the Lovenox for the next transfer. The blood test results came back almost completely normal but the RE put me on Lovenox anyway like he had planned. When my OB doctor talked to the Perinatologist he shared my antibody test results and the Perinatologist felt strongly that without a diagnosed blood clotting issue I should absolutely not be taking the blood thinner or any baby aspirin for the remainder of the pregnancy. I completely trust my RE and don’t think he would have put me on Lovenox if he didn’t really think I needed it. I really think that the Lovenox is what helped my pregnancy make it this far. But, I remember asking the RE at the regroup appointment if I would have to be on Lovenox the whole pregnancy and he said it would be up to my OB doctor to decide. So, I need to just relax and trust the doctors that it is ok to stop the blood thinner now. It’s just so nerve-racking that I have been off the Lovenox for almost two weeks now and am still bleeding pretty heavily.

The OB doctor told me to make an appointment next Friday to come back for another ultrasound to make sure the little one is still on track and the separation is healing. He doesn’t think I need to make an appointment with the Perinatologist because at this point there is nothing more that can be done. I was really hoping that there was some magic cure that would stop the bleeding. Wishful thinking. I just need to keep living week to week and appointment to appointment and try to stay positive.

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Back to the OB

We had an appointment scheduled for the OB tomorrow morning but Guillermo was worried that he couldn’t get out of work and didn’t want to miss it again so I called the office and they had an opening this afternoon. One day early, I was all over that.

The OB doc asked us if we had any questions to start with.

Guillermo – What do you think the chances of miscarriage are at this point? (Not a question I would have asked because I didn’t really want to know the answer.)

Doc – around 5-10% but that means you have a 90-95% chance of not miscarrying.

Me- Is the separation and bleeding something you see very often?

Doc – I would say with you being over 15 weeks the average OB doc would see this once every 20 years.

Looks like I’m a strange case again. Not liking that at all. The doctor did say that he works in the Big City at a hospital a few times a week and is really close to some Perinatologists. If I don’t mind he is going to run everything about me by them and see if they have any different suggestions. I don’t mind at all, in fact I’m wondering if I should have gone that route from the beginning.

The doctor did another ultrasound and the area of bleeding is about the same as last week. He did say that it is now behind the placenta but only 10-20% and usually the placenta doesn’t rupture until around 50%. He also said the little one is measuring right on track so that is a relief. He still couldn’t tell if it’s a boy or girl, a few more weeks for that.

The doctor is going to call me on Tuesday and let me know what the Perinatologist said and if I need to make an appointment and go to the Big City to see him. I feel a little better knowing the little one is growing on track. This really is going to be a long 9 months, I had no idea I would still be worried this far into the pregnancy. When I first found out I was pregnant I was just thinking of making it past 7 and 8 weeks where I miscarried last time. If this little one makes it he/she is going to be quite the fighter.

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More Bleeding and No More Lovenox

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve updated, I’ve been so busy and a bit stressed out. Every year Guillermo has family that comes to town to hang out at the restaurant for the big Super Bowl party so we have a full house right now. Guillermo’s brother, grandma, mom and dad have all been staying with us since Thursday. Then there are four of Guillermo’s brother’s friends and his great aunt and uncle (grandma’s sister and her husband) staying in condos at the ski resort but we have been hanging out with them a lot too. On top of that Guillermo had to fire one of the cooks so he has been at work 12 hours a day and I have been left to entertain. To write this I said I was going to go shower and snuck away for a while.

Friday I had been having cramps all day long but not too much bleeding so I decided not to call the doctor and to just wait and see. We went out to dinner with everyone who is in town and then everyone wanted to go out to the bar. I didn’t want to go but also didn’t want to hold Guillermo back from hanging out with everyone so I went (I was the designated driver). I continued to have cramps and when I finally got home I had another bleeding episode. This time just as bad as last week with a big clot. Friday nights are not my night for some reason. It was late and I decided to just call the doctor in the morning. I didn’t want to go to the ER again and know that there was nothing they could do anyway. I called the doctor’s office in the morning and they got me right in. Guillermo was at work so I had to explain to everyone that I had a doctors appointment even though they knew that my next appointment isn’t until next week. So I left all of the company at my house and went to the doctor alone.

The OB did another ultrasound and the little one looked great, oh thank goodness! She said there is plenty of fluid, the little one’s size is fine, and my cervix isn’t dilated at all. But, the sac separation isn’t getting any better. The OB said that at this point she thinks the lovenox is doing more harm than good and I need to stop it in order for the separation to heal. She will re-evaluate once it’s healed and see if she thinks I need to be back on the lovenox or if I can just take baby aspirin. She also said that she has never had a patient loose a baby at this point because of a sac separation so that helped me mentally. I didn’t do my lovenox injection last night. I am worried that stopping the lovenox is going to hurt the little one but I just need to trust the doctor. I’m still bleeding today, not as heavy as yesterday but not light spotting at all. I’m just praying that the doctor is right and that stopping the lovenox will be ok and the separation will start to heal.

I guess I need to get in the shower to get ready for the Super Bowl party. I am so not in the mood for that right now. Just counting down the days until I go back to the OB and see if everything is ok.

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ER Visit

I was in bed reading last night when all of a sudden I felt a gush. I went to the bathroom and it was blood, lots and lots of bright red blood along with blood clots. I told Guillermo we need to get to the ER right away.

The drive there was awful, I was bawling and Guillermo was extremely upset. We got checked in and taken back in about 15 minutes. My blood pressure was so high because I was freaking out, I thought I had lost the baby for sure. There was so much blood. The doctor finally came in and did an ultrasound and we could see the baby and the heart beat was ok so that was a bit of a relief. Then the doctor said he was going to do a vaginal exam. I still had my underwear on under the gown because I needed a pad and he told me to take them off. I was sitting on just a sheet on the exam table and told the doctor that he needed to put a pad under me, I don’t think he had any idea of how much I was actually bleeding. He put down the pad and when he started the exam I felt a huge gush of blood come out. The pad he put down on the table didn’t even really do any good, there was just so much blood. It was awful. Even though I had just seen the baby on the ultrasound I was still so scared that I was going to have another miscarriage. The doctor used tongs to pull out a golf ball sized clot and then went to call my ob doctor while the nurse cleaned me and the room up and started an IV to give me some fluids since I had lost so much blood.

The ER doctor came back about a half hour later and had my doctor on the phone. My OB said it is a good sign that the heartbeat was strong but there was nothing they could do at this point about the bleeding and to just go home, go to bed, and call the office in the morning to make an appointment to see him.

Needless to say even though we got home after 2:00 in the morning and I was exhausted I didn’t sleep well at all. Poor Guillermo had to get up to go to work at 7:00.

Guillermo somehow skipped out of work and met me at the OB office. The ultrasound showed the baby moving around with a strong heart rate. The OB said the bleeding is still related to the sac separation and there is still a lot of blood and some clots that will need to come out. He assured us that the baby isn’t at all distressed because of the bleeding but I feel like he just says that to make us feel better because there is nothing he can do. He told me there is an elevated risk for miscarriage and I needed to continue to take it easy. He said to expect a lot more bleeding but not to be concerned unless I soak through two pads in an hour or feel contractions. If I ever want to come in for an ultrasound for peace of mind before my appointment in two weeks I just need to call the office.

I’m so terrified that I’m going to loose this baby. I was just starting to feel like everything was going to be ok and now I’m right back to how I felt at 6 weeks when I first started bleeding.

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