• 5/2001  Married 🙂
  • 11/2005 First appointment about stopping the methotrexate I was taking for Ulcerative Colitis so we can start trying to get pregnant
  • 7/2006 Got rid of the birth control pills and started trying
  • 10/2007 – 10/2008 3 IUI’s taking clomid with local OBGYN doc = 3 BFN’s
  • 11/2008 Accepted to the Nepal adoption program and started paperwork
  • 4/2009 FINALLY done with home study, hours and hours of classes, fingerprints, background checks, medical doctor and psychologist appointment, and piles and piles of paperwork for dossier.
  • 8/2010 Received the call that Nepal was officially closed for adoption
  • 8/2010 First appointment with RE.  We weren’t messing around this time and went straight to the best.
  • 9/2010 Diagnosed with PCO but not PCOS
  • 10/2010 IVF cycle, resulted in a freeze all due to possible OHSS
  • 12/2010 FET = finally pregnant!!!
  • 1/2011 First ultrasound showed twins!!  One  week later the ultrasound showed we had lost one baby.  One week later no heartbeats at all.
  • 1/2011 D&C
  • 4/2011 Re-group with RE, the fetus’ were normal and the miscarriage was probably due to my immune system causing blood clotting issues, told that I would need to be on blood thinner medication next FET.
  • 4/2011-5/2012 Much needed break
  • 6/2012 Went back to RE to start process for FET #2
  • 6/2012 Hysteroscopy to make sure there was no scar tissue from the D&C.  There wasn’t but the RE found a fibroid
  • 7/2012 Uterine fibroid surgery
  • 8/2012 Started BCP for FET#2
  • 9/2012 FET cancelled because I ovulated
  • 11/2012 FET = Pregnant again 🙂

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