24 Weeks

Today I finally made it to 24 weeks and viability. Such a huge milestone, I’m just so happy. I remember the doctor talking to me at 14 weeks about how he wouldn’t do anything to save the baby until 24 weeks and it seemed like SO long before I would get there. Now here I am, finally.

The wife of one of my coworkers who went to the same fertility doctor as me about 9 years ago got pregnant with twins and ended up going into labor at 23 weeks. She was taken by the flight for life helicopter to a hospital in the big city and held out for one week but the babies were born right at 24 weeks. They are both doing great now but they went through years of struggle with their health, especially their son. He had a feeding tube for over three years. My co-worker and his wife had to sell their house and move to sea level for the first 4 years of their children’s lives. Now they are back but had to choose a different town to live in that isn’t such a high elevation. So, I am completely aware of what can happen if the baby is born this early and am praying that he will hold out until the end of July. It still feels so good to make it to this point though. This is really happening, I couldn’t be happier.

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One Response to 24 Weeks

  1. Amber says:

    Yay!!!!!!! So happy you made it. I hope you go all the way to your due date girl. I have two more weeks before I hit viability and I’m scared to. I don’t really have any problems either so I can only imagine your relief.

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