Good News From Work

For months I’ve been thinking about asking my boss if there is any way I can go down to four work days a week after the baby comes. With Guillermo owning his own business and me having Ulcerative Colitis as a pre-existing condition I have to go back to work in order to be on my company’s insurance plan. It’s a huge bummer to me because if I didn’t have a pre-existing condition and insurance wasn’t so outrageously expensive for me we could make do with me not working and live on Guillermo’s salary. Oh well, it’s one of those things I have no control over. My company offers insurance to all employees working at least 32 hours a week so four days a week would be one less day of daycare and I could still get health insurance. But, I have been putting off asking my boss because I was quite sure the answer would be no. I finally got the courage up yesterday to ask her. It went like this:

Me: You don’t have to answer now but I just want to ask you what you would think about me working four eight hour days a week after the baby is born.

Boss: I was actually talking with the CEO about you the other day and we weren’t sure you were actually planning on coming back to work so if you want to work four eight hour days a week that would be fine, we really want you to come back.

Me: Wow, really? Awesome, even during the ski season?

Boss: Yes, we’ll figure out something during the ski season to cover your day off.

I was really not expecting that answer but am so happy and relieved! We were thinking we would have to do four days of day care in the winter and three in the summer but now we’ll only have to do three in the winter and two in the summer. It never hurts to ask.

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One Response to Good News From Work

  1. That’s great news! I’m glad that your boss was so willing to work with you! 🙂

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