In The Club

I know I posted that Guillermo and I were going to meet up with our good friends who moved about an hour and a half away when we went shopping for a new couch but it just didn’t work out and we didn’t meet up that weekend. We have been dying to tell them our big news but only wanted to tell them in person, not through email, phone, or text. Finally this weekend they came up to our house with their two kids to go skiing and we were able to share the news. It’s funny, they couldn’t believe I am 5 months already and we just told them. They were with us the weekend before my transfer but we didn’t say anything then because we weren’t telling anyone at the time and we just haven’t actually met up until last weekend. They bought us the cutest present ever:


It was so fun to catch up with them, they are such good friends and now that they live far away we don’t get together often enough. I can’t wait to put little guy into the pj’s.

I got some great news on Friday. I have a friend who was married about two years ago at 41 years old. It was both her and her husband’s first marriage and they are such an awesome couple. I remember her saying when she got married that she wanted to have kids but was doubtful that it would happen at her age. They planned to not use protection and just see what happened. Well, I found out that she is pregnant with a boy due a week after me! She’s going to be 44 when the baby is due. Such great news!

Then on Saturday a good friend of mine had her baby boy. Mom, baby, and dad are doing great and Guillermo and I are going to visit them tomorrow. I really can’t wait to meet him.

Years ago when we first started trying to get pregnant it seemed like all of our friends were having kids and we were left behind. Now a whole different group of friends are having babies and it’s looking like we’re on track to be in the club this time.

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  1. Katy says:

    Those jammies are so cute! I love dragons.

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