Anatomy Scan

Our trip to see the family was a lot of fun, we caught up with so many people we hadn’t seen in quite a while at Gramma’s birthday party. I got to spend some quality time with my parents while Guillermo was snowboarding. Coming from a family with 3 siblings it’s always nice to have my parents all to myself and it rarely happens. My older sister has three boys and the last time she was at my parents house she left bags and bags of baby and toddler clothes for me. They are all so cute and I’m so excited that I won’t have to buy clothes for a very long time. Over the last 10 years or so my mom has been going to thrift stores and looking for baby and children’s books. She has a huge collection to give to all of her grandkids. I’ve gone to that closet every time I’m at her house and looked at those books for years hoping that one day I might actually be able to have a little one to read the books to. It was so much fun this trip to go through and pick out baby books to bring home. She has so many that I remember her reading to me when I was growing up.

We went in for the anatomy scan on Thursday and as far as the doctor could see all is just perfect with the little guy. It was a long appointment because although the little guy was moving around he had his back to us the entire time and the doctor was having a hard time looking at everything he needed to. After about an hour he had measured everything he possibly could and only missed having a look at his face. We’ll hopefully get a look at his face at the next appointment.

After almost a whole week of no bleeding I was hoping for excellent news about the separation. For some reason I was expecting the doctor to tell me it was almost all healed up but unfortunately he said it’s still the same size (but not bigger so that’s good). He thinks the bleeding stopped because the little guy growing moved things around in there and the separation isn’t as close to my cervix any more. I’m just thankful for no bleeding right now and hope it keeps up.

Guillermo and I usually go on a long vacation in May because the restaurant is closed for a month between ski season and summer. This year we were planning on going to Nicaragua. I had read in the What to Expect book before I got pregnant that if all is well travel out of the country is no problem as long as you don’t need any vaccines. With everything that has been going on I was quite certain that the doctor would say no to Nicaragua so we were thinking Hawaii as a back up plan. We asked him about Nicaragua (doesn’t hurt to ask right?) and he said absolutely not. So, we asked him about going to Hawaii and he said no to that too. Kind of a bummer but I’m sure we can find somewhere to go that isn’t so far away.

I scheduled my next appointment for a month out but was told to call if I have any bleeding. I still have the same restrictions in place and now I’m thinking these restrictions might just be in place for the entire pregnancy. I’m hoping all goes well over the next month. If I can make it that long it will be the longest I’ve gone between doctors appointments since the transfer and I will be so close to the all important 24 week mark.

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  1. This is great news! I am so glad to hear it. Keep moving forward, step by step. And I hope you find a great vacation for the two of you — you need it after all this hard work!

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