Happy Day

I haven’t had any bleeding today! Wow, that hasn’t happened in months. Up until yesterday I was still spotting but today absolutely nothing. I feel like a normal pregnant girl, this is so awesome. I’m praying this continues and the separation completely heals. I’m excited for the anatomy scan a week from today, hopefully the doctor can see improvement.

Guillermo and I are driving to our home state for Guillermo’s Grandma’s 80th birthday party tomorrow. Gramma (as everyone calls her) is such an awesome lady and I can’t wait to hang out with her and the hundreds of Guillermo’s extended family members. We’re staying with my parents so I’m really excited to have some quality time with them while Guillermo takes the nephews snowboarding for a few of the days.

No more bleeding, no more work until Wednesday, and looking forward to seeing lots of family this weekend. It is a happy day.

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One Response to Happy Day

  1. Yay for no bleeding. Have fun snowboarding with your family.

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