It’s a Boy

Oh the joys of high risk pregnancy. We had another ultrasound yesterday afternoon and got to find out that we are having a boy. At the clinic we go to patients don’t usually find out the gender until 19-20 weeks at the anatomy scan but since we are on the every two week ultrasound plan we got to find out a bit early (there has to be a perk to all of this stress right?). It’s funny, neither of us cared if we were having a boy or girl, either one would be fine with us, but we were both so excited when we heard it is a boy. I think it just feels like it’s more real to us, like we might actually one day be parents to this adorable little guy.

It was an appointment of mostly good news. The little guy is growing right on track even though I have been off the Lovenox now for over three weeks. We finally got the results of the NT scan and blood work back and the doctor told us the odds of our baby having a chromosomal abnormality are about one in 9,000. I can’t remember the exact number and there were a few different chromosomal abnormalities that he gave us odds on but they were both around one in 9,000. The doctor also said that although it was too early to do a complete anatomy scan what he could see looked really good.

I was really excited that since Wednesday the bleeding has seemed to let up a little but looking at the ultrasound the doctor said the clot was still there and hadn’t gone down in size at all so that was a disappointment. It is also still behind the placenta and that’s scary. I was hoping he would tell me everything is healing up fast but no such luck. I still have all of the restrictions I’ve been on for the last four months. I’m not complaining though, I can do anything even if it ends up being for nine months if it will mean a healthy little boy.

I’m really trying to focus on the positive and this time it isn’t too hard because there was so much good news at this appointment. Even though the blood clot is still there and not going down in size it’s reassuring to me that I’m not bleeding as heavily lately. Seeing the blood day in and day out is so stressful, it’s nice to have a bit of a mental break.

Guillermo is getting off work early today and we’re heading to the big city to buy a new couch and area rugs for our dining room and family room. We bought the couch and love seat we have now 12 years ago when we were just married. My Dad was with us when we picked them out and I still remember him telling us “don’t just buy the cheapest set, you are going to end up having this for a long time and it might be worth it to spend a little more money to have something you really like” but of course being the frugal people we are we didn’t listen to him, bought the cheapest set, and have not really liked it for the last 12 years. Then, when we took out the carpet and put in pergo floors last year our neighbors had just bought new area rugs so they gave us their old ones to use until we bought new ones. So, we’ve had a nicely remodeled house with an old couch, love seat, and area rugs for about a year now and it’s time we spent some money and finish off the remodel project. When we looked at this house before we bought it six years ago the people living here had a sectional couch that fit perfectly in the family room and we have talked about buying one for a long time so today is finally the day. We are also meeting up with some good friends who live in the big city who don’t know our big news yet. We haven’t hung out since early November and we wanted to tell them in person so we finally get to today. I can’t wait.

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2 Responses to It’s a Boy

  1. Katy says:

    A boy! How exciting! Congrats. I’m super jealous of your new couches, I’ve hated ours since we got them 5 years ago…they are literally falling apart. I long for a beautiful sectional…isn’t it funny the things we long for (besides babies) when we grow up?!

  2. A boy- congrats!!

    Have fun purchasing new couches. We have an awesome leather sectional that my husband bought prior to meeting me in 2005 so I don’t know exactly how old it is….even though it has held up pretty well, I would love to get rid of it. Sadly we have so many other things that need to get done in our house that I don’t see that happening any time soon….

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