Maternity Clothes

With all of my doom and gloom posts I need to post something happy.
I came to work the other day to bags of maternity clothes under my desk from my boss who gave birth in November. So far I’ve been ok wearing the clothes I have but I’m sure I’ll be needing some maternity clothes in the next month or so. I’m very thrifty and cheap and have been dreading spending money on clothes I can only wear for a few months. My boss on the other hand is very stylish, spares no expense on clothes, and is my exact same size. It was like Christmas going through all of the clothes, I’m going to be better dressed pregnant than I am normally. There are so many cute tops, designer jeans,and even a swimsuit. I’ll be surprised if I have to buy anything. I just can’t thank her enough.

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2 Responses to Maternity Clothes

  1. Katy says:

    Wow that’s awesome! And you are so lucky to know someone your size, but I’m a thrifty shopper too so I get by.

  2. What a very nice gesture! šŸ™‚ Very selfless and nice indeed.

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