No Magic Cure

My OB doctor called back yesterday. He had talked to the Perinatologist who agreed that stopping the Lovenox and continuing with my physical restrictions is really the only thing I can do right now to stop the bleeding and start healing the separation.

After the miscarriage my RE really felt that it was my immune system (because I have the immune disorder Ulcerative Colitis) that caused my blood to clot and that’s why I miscarried. He wanted me to do the antibody blood work but told me that regardless of the results he would put me on the Lovenox for the next transfer. The blood test results came back almost completely normal but the RE put me on Lovenox anyway like he had planned. When my OB doctor talked to the Perinatologist he shared my antibody test results and the Perinatologist felt strongly that without a diagnosed blood clotting issue I should absolutely not be taking the blood thinner or any baby aspirin for the remainder of the pregnancy. I completely trust my RE and don’t think he would have put me on Lovenox if he didn’t really think I needed it. I really think that the Lovenox is what helped my pregnancy make it this far. But, I remember asking the RE at the regroup appointment if I would have to be on Lovenox the whole pregnancy and he said it would be up to my OB doctor to decide. So, I need to just relax and trust the doctors that it is ok to stop the blood thinner now. It’s just so nerve-racking that I have been off the Lovenox for almost two weeks now and am still bleeding pretty heavily.

The OB doctor told me to make an appointment next Friday to come back for another ultrasound to make sure the little one is still on track and the separation is healing. He doesn’t think I need to make an appointment with the Perinatologist because at this point there is nothing more that can be done. I was really hoping that there was some magic cure that would stop the bleeding. Wishful thinking. I just need to keep living week to week and appointment to appointment and try to stay positive.

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One Response to No Magic Cure

  1. Katy says:

    I wish there was a magic bean I could give you to make it all better, lots of prayers sent your way though!

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