More Bleeding and No More Lovenox

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve updated, I’ve been so busy and a bit stressed out. Every year Guillermo has family that comes to town to hang out at the restaurant for the big Super Bowl party so we have a full house right now. Guillermo’s brother, grandma, mom and dad have all been staying with us since Thursday. Then there are four of Guillermo’s brother’s friends and his great aunt and uncle (grandma’s sister and her husband) staying in condos at the ski resort but we have been hanging out with them a lot too. On top of that Guillermo had to fire one of the cooks so he has been at work 12 hours a day and I have been left to entertain. To write this I said I was going to go shower and snuck away for a while.

Friday I had been having cramps all day long but not too much bleeding so I decided not to call the doctor and to just wait and see. We went out to dinner with everyone who is in town and then everyone wanted to go out to the bar. I didn’t want to go but also didn’t want to hold Guillermo back from hanging out with everyone so I went (I was the designated driver). I continued to have cramps and when I finally got home I had another bleeding episode. This time just as bad as last week with a big clot. Friday nights are not my night for some reason. It was late and I decided to just call the doctor in the morning. I didn’t want to go to the ER again and know that there was nothing they could do anyway. I called the doctor’s office in the morning and they got me right in. Guillermo was at work so I had to explain to everyone that I had a doctors appointment even though they knew that my next appointment isn’t until next week. So I left all of the company at my house and went to the doctor alone.

The OB did another ultrasound and the little one looked great, oh thank goodness! She said there is plenty of fluid, the little one’s size is fine, and my cervix isn’t dilated at all. But, the sac separation isn’t getting any better. The OB said that at this point she thinks the lovenox is doing more harm than good and I need to stop it in order for the separation to heal. She will re-evaluate once it’s healed and see if she thinks I need to be back on the lovenox or if I can just take baby aspirin. She also said that she has never had a patient loose a baby at this point because of a sac separation so that helped me mentally. I didn’t do my lovenox injection last night. I am worried that stopping the lovenox is going to hurt the little one but I just need to trust the doctor. I’m still bleeding today, not as heavy as yesterday but not light spotting at all. I’m just praying that the doctor is right and that stopping the lovenox will be ok and the separation will start to heal.

I guess I need to get in the shower to get ready for the Super Bowl party. I am so not in the mood for that right now. Just counting down the days until I go back to the OB and see if everything is ok.

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3 Responses to More Bleeding and No More Lovenox

  1. Katy says:

    Oh I’m so glad you posted and that everything is ok, I’ve been thinking about you!

  2. Thank you, you are so sweet. I like your new blog 🙂

  3. Kristin says:

    I hope that bleeding slows down now that you’ve cut the Lovenox. Bleeding is terrifying! Thinking of you!!

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