Still NO NT Scan Results

Guillermo and I have both been anxiously waiting for the NT scan results. Every day since Friday when I get home from work Guillermo has asked me if the doctor called. The doctor told me they would be back in one week so on Monday, one week and two days from the test, I called the office to see if the doctor just forgot to call me. I talked to a nurse and she said that preliminary results were in but not the final results so it will be a few days before I would hear back. I waited until this afternoon and finally called back again. This time I talked to a different nurse and she said she wasn’t sure why the final results still weren’t in, they should definitely be back by today, so she needed to call the lab and would call me back. She called back about an hour later and said that they ordered the wrong labs so in order to get the final results I would have to wait three weeks, get my blood drawn again, and then they could compare the two numbers for the final result. That did not make me happy. Seriously, isn’t an NT scan a common test to do in the first trimester? I’m worried about the competence of my ob’s office. The nurse said I could come in tomorrow because they can still do the test they were supposed to do the first time until 13 weeks 6 days. So, I’m going in tomorrow morning before work and then will have to wait another week for results. After everything I’ve been through to become pregnant I have no patience for this kind of error.

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2 Responses to Still NO NT Scan Results

  1. Kristin says:

    Boo! I just had my NT scan today and they gave me an opinion based on the measurement, alone. I hope they can give you some feedback soon!

  2. I don’t blame you, how frustrating!! Sorry for another round of waiting…don’t you just hate being an expert on waiting? :/

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