Finally Graduating from RE

I got the most wonderful phone call from my nurse at the RE’s office this afternoon. My estrogen and progesterone levels are finally great and Tuesday will be my last day of meds besides Lovenox! I’m just so excited, I really never thought I would make it this far. I’m thinking I will share the BIG news with everyone at work next week (or the week after if I chicken out). I somehow ordered just the right amount of meds and will be almost out of estradoil, endometrin, and vivelle patches. Thankfully, since endometrin is so expensive and insurance doesn’t cover it. My insurance also doesn’t cover any of the blood work that I have been getting every week for months. I only have to go one more time for blood work next Friday and then insurance will cover everything from here on out. What a relief!

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2 Responses to Finally Graduating from RE

  1. Kat says:

    That’s fantastic! I also somehow had just enough meds too…how does that happen!?! Don’t chicken out, tell everyone! That way you get pampered more, and the sooner you tell the longer you get pampered!

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