NT Scan


I went in for the NT scan yesterday and got an awesome 3-D picture of the little one. I don’t think the doctor usually does the 3-D images when he’s doing the NT scan but he said the little one was in the perfect position to get a great image. I’m so happy he did, technology is so crazy and awesome!

The doctor didn’t really give me any results for the NT scan yet. I asked if the neck measurement was ok and he said it was great but he needs to combine that measurement with the blood work for the true results. I will be getting a call in the next week or so with the final results.

The sac separation is still there and not any better, maybe even a little worse. I still have been having bleeding and spotting pretty regularly and the doctor said it probably won’t go away any time soon. There is a lot of blood there and it either needs to be absorbed or come out. The little one’s heart rate was just fine and that’s great news. The doctor said the sac separation puts me at a higher risk for miscarriage but he is less worried because of the strong heart rate. I still need to follow all the restrictions I have been on for the last few months: no exercise, no lifting over 10 pounds, and no sex. I was really hoping to relax a bit now that I’m almost out of the first trimester but I didn’t get the vibe from that appointment that I am in the clear yet. In fact the doctor told me to “just take it a week at a time”. I don’t have another appointment for 4 weeks so hopefully if I take it really easy the sac separation will heal by then.

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  1. Fingers crossed for an uneventful next few weeks. 🙂 rest up!!

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