Love/Hate Lovenox

I have a love/hate relationship with Lovenox.

First the Love:

  • I absolutely love that Lovenox is working and helping me maintain this pregnancy.  I’m 11 weeks today!!
  • I love that my RE (who really is a genius) figured out what went wrong last time and that there is a drug that prevents blood clots from forming and cutting off the blood flow to my uterus and gives me a fighting chance at becoming a mother.
  • I love that insurance covers the Lovenox.  At $1000 a month I can’t imagine how I would swing the cost without the help of insurance.

Now the Hate:

  • OUCH!  I have given myself so many injections through the IVF and FET processes and never had an issue with the injections actually being physically painful until Lovenox.  Before I gave myself the first Lovenox injection I read the instructions and it said to lie down to inject.  I laughed at that, I’m tough and didn’t think I needed to lie down.  So, I injected standing in the bathroom.  That is the last time I did that.  The needle is really small but the medication burns when it goes in and then it really burns after you are done, very strange.  It made me feel light-headed and as wimpy as this sounds I had to immediately lie down so I didn’t pass out.  
  • Ugly bruises.  I have been injecting Lovenox every single day since the beginning of November and I still have no idea what causes the extreme bruising.  Some days I’m fine and there will only be a small red dot and other days I get bruises as big as a clementine.  I really don’t know what I’m doing differently that causes the bruises.  And they last for over a week.
  • I need to give myself the injection at about the same time every day so I chose to do them at night because I don’t always wake up at the same time every morning.  Although I’ve been lucky to not have much morning sickness,nights are usually when I don’t feel swell.  So, giving those miserable injections right before I go to bed when I’m already not feeling very good is no fun at all.

My RE wanted me to be on the Lovenox for the first three months and then left it up to my OB to decide if I need to be on it for any longer.  I talked about this to my OB at my first appointment and she said she absolutely wants me on the Lovenox for almost the entire pregnancy.  I’ll switch to a different blood thinner a few weeks before delivery.  I must admit that as much as I hate giving the injections I’m happy she decided to keep me on Lovenox the whole time, I would be so scared of a miscarriage if I stopped at any point.

If all continues to go well my love/hate relationship with Lovenox will continue until July.

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2 Responses to Love/Hate Lovenox

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m not on lovenox injections, but my butt cheeks are super lumpy and sore from the progesterone. I can commiserate!

  2. Kat says:

    Oh lumpy butt…how I long for a regular bum.
    I feel ya on hating meds, my dr just told me that I will more than likely be on the Metformin all through my pregnancy…yippie!

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