Relief and Small Town Living

I had an appointment with the local OB doctor again this morning.  Because of my polycystic ovaries the doctor had me take the glucose test early, usually they do it at 28 weeks.  After the blood work the doctor talked to us about doing an NT scan to check for chromosomal abnormalities and we decided it was something we should do.  The doctor did an exam and then got out the doppler to check the fetal heart beat.  He explained before he put the wand on my stomach that it can’t always be heard before week 11 but it didn’t make us any more at ease when he searched and searched and didn’t hear anything.

The doctor must have felt our fear and concern at that point because he said “It looks like we need to do an ultrasound just to put you both at ease”.   I thought I was scheduled for one but apparently not.  The nurse rolled in the portable ultrasound machine and said it would take a while to warm up.  So there we sat for about 20 minutes freaking out.  The doctor finally came back in and said that I’m now far enough along that he didn’t need to use the vaginal probe, he just used a wand on my stomach (that in itself is incredible to me). We saw the little one and instantly relaxed.  Everything looked good, the measurements were right on and the heart rate was fine.  Ah, what a relief.

Oh, the joys of living in a small town…. as I left the room and went to the lobby to make my appointment for the NT scan there was my coworker who just had a baby.  What are the odds of that?  The lobby is really small and even if it wasn’t obvious why I was there since Guillermo was there also, the girl at the front desk had a payment plan out that she explained to me would cover all of the costs through delivery.  So, the secret is out.  NOT the way I wanted this to happen, it’s still way too early.  Guillermo told me not to worry, she isn’t working now and has so much going on with the new baby she won’t say anything.  Well, he doesn’t know her.  If it was anyone else I wouldn’t worry,  but this coworker is just the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about sharing the gossip.  She showed up at work to show everyone her baby a few hours later and a group of coworkers spent about a half hour hanging out in her office.  I don’t know for sure if she told anyone or who she told and I’m sure no one will say anything to me.  So, I guess I shouldn’t worry because there is nothing I can do to change anything.  It’s out of my hands.  It’s just frustrating, after what happened last time I really didn’t want anyone at work to know until after the first trimester.


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One Response to Relief and Small Town Living

  1. Kat says:

    So glad they let you see what was going on! My office was too busy to get out the other machine when she couldn’t find it with the doppler today 😦
    I also ran into someone I knew at my office today, but she was the tech that I had to tell my whole life story to! I totally blurted out “please don’t tell anyone you saw me here” the min we walked into the room! I was so afraid she would tell her sister…who would then tell the world on Facebook! Gotta love a small town!

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