Missed the List

One of my co-workers came back from lunch and told me that in light of all of the pregnant ladies in the office (one gave birth in October, one is due this week, and one due the end of May) everyone in the lunch room was placing bets on who would be the next three.  My co-worker said she was put in the #1 spot and it just might be a possibility because her and her husband have recently been having the talk about starting a family. Very exciting, I thought they might be a few years off but they are such a great couple and it would be awesome if she got pregnant. She went on to talk about who was #2, #3, and #4.  I asked her where I came in on the list and got-

Um……. your name didn’t come up.

What?  After 6 years trying everyone has just given up on me.  I didn’t even make the list.  Very sad.

At the same time, how great of a secret keeper am I?  That means no one at work even has a clue that I’m pregnant.   I’m not showing yet but I get extremely bloated by the end of the day, it seems like I’m the only one noticing that thankfully.  I guess everyone will be completely surprised when I finally share the news.

Guillermo and I have been going out every night since last Saturday.  Two of our college friends came to town last weekend, Guillermo’s work party was Christmas eve, and last night we went to Lucy’s house for some delicious fondue.  Tonight Guillermo is working, our friends left this morning, and I’m enjoying just sitting on the couch and chilling out for a change.

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