Roller Coaster Ride

After a great day at work I went to the post office and got all of my Christmas gifts mailed off.  Then I stopped by the house to let the dog out before heading to The Restaurant for dinner because Guillermo is working tonight.  I was in such a great mood until I used the bathroom and was shocked by a huge flow of bright red blood.  Just as bad or worse than the first time.  I called Guillermo and told him I wasn’t coming in for dinner, put my feet up and have just been chilling out on the couch all night.  I debated calling the nurse or the local ob doctor but decided that I just need to wait and see.  The nurse told me to expect more bleeding and the ob doctor also told me it was a possibility so I don’t know what either one of them would do tonight.  If the bleeding continues I’ll call one of them first thing tomorrow morning.

What a roller coaster ride!  I feel like I take two steps forward and one step back.  Regardless of what the nurse and doctor tell me, in my mind this kind of bleeding and pregnancy just don’t go together.   I’m now counting down the days until the next ultrasound again.  Will this ever get easier?

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