Happy Day

Good news – baby has doubled in size and has a strong heart beat!  I’m actually feeling like this could turn out how I’ve always dreamed.  Guillermo and I really liked the local OB doc, she was really sweet and knowledgable.  I’m just so happy that I made this appointment, it would have been so hard to wait another week having no idea what’s going on.  It sounds like the local clinic has a lot of patients who have gone through IVF at the Big City Clinic so the Doctor really understood everything I am dealing with from the progesterone/ estrogen supplements to the Lovenox.  AND she wants me to come in for another ultrasound in two weeks so I’ll have one next Monday and then the following Monday.  What a relief.

The doctor said that the sac separation was almost healed but that the gestational sac of the twin who didn’t make it is close to my cervix so I might end up “discharging some tissue and blood”.  That’s sure to freak me out.  It’s not a sure thing so hopefully it doesn’t happen.

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2 Responses to Happy Day

  1. YAY!!!!! So happy to hear this news! Keep us posted!

  2. Kat says:

    Ahhhh, I think I’ve been holding my breath waiting to hear good news. I’m so glad everything is working out.

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