The longest two weeks ever are almost over!  Tomorrow is the big day.  I’m anxious, nervous, and excited to see what is going on.  The clinic I go to doesn’t schedule the pregnancy ultrasounds early in the morning because that’s when they do the IVF ultrasounds so we have to wait until 2:30.  I’m working from 7:30 until 12:30 and it should be busy so I’m sure the morning will go by fast then we’ll drive down to the big city.

This weekend has been a lot of fun.  Friday night when I got home from work Guillermo had brought up all the Christmas decoration boxes, brought in the tree, started dinner, and put on Christmas music.  We had both been so busy all week that the tree just sat outside and I hadn’t really even thought about when we were going to decorate.   We got it all done and it looks so nice!  Then, last night was my work Christmas party at a very fancy hotel in a nearby ski resort town.  It’s funny, we got an email along with the invitation saying that the hotel was offering a great discount to employees of $250 a night.  Discount? Really?  Good thing I was the designated driver and we didn’t have to stay.  It was great to get dressed up and hang out with everyone from work and their spouses somewhere we wouldn’t ever go if work wasn’t paying.  The food was amazing and the venue was so beautiful.

I haven’t had any bleeding since Monday and my Estrogen and Progesterone results came back fine on Friday.  Please, please let it be good news tomorrow.

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One Response to Tomorrow!

  1. Kat says:

    Tomorrow….eeee! It can’t get here fast enough!
    So glad you stopped spotting, lets just hope we are both done with that crap!

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