I thought it would be easy to just get lab work done even though I’m in another state.  I called a local clinic a few days ago and they said it would be no problem, just bring the order.  So, I went there this morning only to be told that they needed a doctor to sign off on it and there wasn’t a doctor in until Monday.  They sent me to the hospital.

The information desk at the hospital told me that the lab was closed today so I would have to go through the Emergency Room.  That really surprised me, I live in a small town and I’m sure the hospital lab is open today.  I had to get completely checked in at the ER and about an hour and a half after I left in the morning I was finally called back.

The nurse was so irritating!  This was our conversation:

Nurse: Is this your first pregnancy?

Me: No, I had one before this that didn’t work out.

Nurse:  Sometimes miscarriages are really blessings.

Really?? Who says that.  Then:

Nurse: So, how far along are you this time?

Me: Just over 4 weeks

Nurse:  With my second child I found out early and it just made the pregnancy drag out for so long, it was awful, I would rather not know for a while like with my first one.

Me: I’ve been trying for over 6 years so I can only dream of a long drawn out healthy pregnancy

I wanted to tell her to just do her job and stop talking to me but at that point I was done and got out of there.

I was hiking with my family when I got the call from the RE’s office.  The nurse said my beta came back really strong at 1,265 and that she hopes I’m ok with twins.  We’ll see at the ultrasound I need to schedule for December 10th.  I don’t need to go back for another beta check.

I’m just so thankful.  Please let this work.  The next month is when everything went bad last time so I’m just praying that with the Lovenox it will be different this time.

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One Response to BETA #2

  1. Aspgriswold says:

    Awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! P.S. I want to slap that nurse!

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