Sorry there was no update until now….

I have been so busy lately!  The in-laws left yesterday morning, I put in a 10 hour work day, went grocery shopping, made two salads for Thanksgiving and packed.

I woke up early this morning to get my blood drawn and went home to hang out with Guillermo waiting for “the call” before I drove the 8 hours to my parents for Thanksgiving.  I’m really bummed Guillermo couldn’t come although it’s not a big surprise, he owns a restaurant and Thanksgiving is always a busy weekend.  He was talking about possibly going this year because my whole family will be there and that rarely happens because we all live in different states but it just didn’t work out with his schedule.  I spend every other year with Guillermo and usually end up going to the restaurant for Thanksgiving because he’s stuck at work so I don’t feel too bad leaving him alone on the holiday.

Anyway, this morning we took the dog on a hike, went to lunch, packed the car, and still no call.  I finally had to just leave at 12:30 so I wouldn’t get to my parents house really late.  I promised Guillermo I would call as soon as I heard anything.

Last time I got beta results I remember they called me around 11:00 am so at about 2:30 I started freaking out.  I called and left a message at the RE’s office saying to please call and let me know if they didn’t have the results yet and I’ll call the lab.  At 3:00 the RE’s office called back and they didn’t have the results yet.  So, I called the lab and was told they would check into it and call me back.  3:30 the lab called back from what they said it sounds like they dropped the ball and didn’t send it.  She did mention that it was positive so they would have to run the estrogen and progesterone and send results in the next 1/2 hour.  4:00 rolls around and I still haven’t heard anything so I called RE’s office back and the recording says they are out for Thanksgiving and not checking voicemail.  GRRRRR.  I called the lab back and was told that they sent the results.  This is all while I’m driving on the freeway.  4:30, no call, 4:45 nothing, really freaking out.  Finally at 5:00 the nurse from the RE’s office calls:

“good news you are definitely pregnant and have a very strong beta.  Anything over 5 at this point is considered pregnant, we like to see the number over 50, and your beta is 380!!!

I thought I heard her wrong and had her repeat it several times.  380, WOW.  I know there is still a long ways to go but that really gives me hope.

I called Guillermo right away and he was so relieved.  He’s thinking there might be two in there and I think he might be right.

I made great time driving and have been visiting with my family until I couldn’t keep my eyes open (although I’m awake to blog hmmm).  My parents are so much fun to hang out with, just the best parents ever.   My Little Sis is here with her boyfriend who I met in August when Guillermo and I went on vacation to their house, they are both awesome.   My Little Bro I haven’t seen in over a year because he lives really far away.   He’s here with his new girlfriend who my parents have met and just love but no one else had met so it was fun to meet her and see him.  My Big Sis is coming tomorrow with her husband and four kids that I adore.   I don’t even remember the last time all of us siblings were all together, there’s always someone missing.  It’s going to be such a great Thanksgiving.

I’ll update beta #2 when I get a chance.

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