I know I could be way off but I’m feeling optimistic that I have some of the same symptoms  I had last time I was pregnant.  Here’s what I have been feeling since Monday:

Strange Cramps – this has been going on since hours after the transfer

Night Sweats – only happened once but that is very unusual for me, I’m always freezing

Weird Dreams

Light Headed / Dizziness

Sleepy – Guillermo was making fun of me that I couldn’t stay up to watch the 10:00 news the last few nights.

Hungry (Especially first thing in the morning when I’m not usually hungry)

 Aching boobs that are way bigger than usual, I actually almost have some cleavage          (sorry TMI)

I know it’s possible all of those symptoms are caused by the medications I’m on right now but even so it gives me some hope.

Guillermo’s parents came to town yesterday, they live out-of-state and only make it here a few times a year.  We still had the condo from my parents that we used last weekend so we met them there last night.  We went out to a nice dinner then stopped at red box and got a movie.  This morning we headed back to our house.

I’m so happy I cleaned our entire house top to bottom last weekend so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning before they came here.  Growing up my mom always had the house spotless any time we had company and she definitely passed that on to me.  It’s funny when I was talking to my Dad the other day he told me my mom had already started cleaning for Thanksgiving since all of my siblings and their spouses/significant others are going to be there.  I’m sure her house will look beautiful.

Usually I’m antsy when Guillermo’s parents are here because they just like to chill out but this weekend chilling out will be just fine with me.  I’m planning on taking a home pregnancy test tomorrow, that will be six days after the transfer.  Guillermo is adamant that if it’s positive we are not saying a word to his parents.  They are headed to our home state next week to have Thanksgiving with the entire extended family and Guillermo knows his mom can’t keep a secret.

I’ll update you Sunday good news or bad.

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One Response to Symptoms???

  1. Best of luck with the test and family time…oh and all the waiting.

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