Made My Day Voice Mail

I work in a small office made up mostly of women.  There are about 15 to 20 of us on any given day.  We have two other offices so some employees travel around and we only work together once or twice a week.  Over the years it seems like when one employee gets pregnant a few more follow suit or “there’s something in the water” as many of our customers so nicely point out.  Now is no exception.  My boss just gave birth a few weeks ago, there is another coworker who is about 8 months along and yet another coworker just recently shared the news that she is 10 weeks.

Yesterday in the break room I was lucky enough to go to lunch right at the same time as my two pregnant coworkers.  I ate my left overs listening to them complain about morning sickness, talk about ultrasounds and ob docs, whether or not to find out the gender, baby names, on and on and on.  It was not the best lunch but I have gotten used to situations like this over the years.  I can’t expect other people to have any idea what it’s like to want something so bad and try so hard for something that just comes naturally to most people.  So, I went back to work and didn’t think about my unfortunate lunch the rest of the day.

I called my dad on my way home from work and we were chatting for a while.  I had another call come through but didn’t even check who it was thinking it was Guillermo and I would just call him after I was done talking to my dad.

When I hung up I checked and it was a number I didn’t recognize and I had a voicemail.  I listened to it and it was one of the kindest, most thoughtful voicemails I have ever received.  Another one of my coworkers was sitting around the lunch table at the same time and over heard everything.  I’ve worked with her for many years and although I would consider us friends we work in different departments and have never hung out away from work or work functions.  She called to make sure that I was OK.  She said she was very aware of how I would have felt with the conversation that went on during lunch and wanted to let me know she was thinking about me.  WOW.  She knows what I have been through in the past with the adoption and miscarriage but like everyone else she has no idea what I’m going through right now.  That call just meant so much to me.  I’ve listened to it several times and get tears in my eyes.  It’s so awesome that there are people like that in the world.


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2 Responses to Made My Day Voice Mail

  1. Wow that voice mail would have made my day as well. What an awesome coworker.

  2. That IS awesome. What a thoughtful gesture. That would’ve made me smile as well! 😉

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