Crazy Weekend

We had a great weekend planned but it didn’t really turn out how we expected.

My parents got a free condo for the week at a nearby ski resort and were so generous to let us use it.   We invited our dear friends Jessica and Greg and their two kids who moved away a few years ago and we don’t get to see very often.  It’s crazy that Jessica and I both planned on starting a family at the same time and it worked for her right away and her oldest son is now almost 6!  Her other son is 2 and they are both so awesome.  There was a heated outdoor pool that was so much fun to swim in while it was snowing.  We made dinner, hung out in the game room, colored in coloring books, and went to bed early.

That’s where plans changed.  Guillermo hadn’t been feeling well for a few weeks.  He went to a local family practice doctor twice who told him it was just something that he would have to wait out and it would get better.  He wasn’t getting better.  He felt so bad that we shouldn’t have even gone to the condo but being a tough guy he sucked it up and went.  After our friends went to bed Guillermo was absolutely miserable in so much pain.  I had never seen him like that.  I said we need to go to the ER and he agreed.

The ER doctor diagnosed him with something completely different than his family practice doctor and told him he would need surgery.  He called the surgeon but since it was after 10 he said we could wait until the morning and sent us away with pain meds.

We called the surgeon first thing in the morning, had a consult, and Guillermo went to surgery right away.

The surgery went very well and we went back to the condo to chill out until Guillermo felt ready to get in the car for the ride home.  He is feeling a lot better already.  I was so worried about him and am so thankful that everything turned out alright.

My doctor requires me to have a driver after the transfer tomorrow because I’ll be on valium and need to start the bed rest right away, no sitting only laying down on the way home.  Guillermo thinks he will be alright to drive home from the transfer tomorrow and I’ll drive there so he can rest on the way.

So much for no stress before the transfer.  The good news is that I now have a bed rest partner 🙂

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2 Responses to Crazy Weekend

  1. Kat says:

    Wow! So glad that he is ok now. And couples bed rest sounds like fun, popcorn, movies and cuddles!
    Best of luck!

  2. Amber Forster says:

    So sorry the hubby had to go through that. Glad he is feeling better though. How did the transfer go today? Are you officially PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)? I’m so excited for you!

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