How Many?

How many embryos to transfer?

For the first FET we had a conference call with the doctor a few days before the transfer was scheduled to talk about how many embryos to put back.  I remember it was short and sweet.  He recommend one or two and said there were better odds with two so we said let’s go with two.  Just like that.  This time we had over year off to think about it.

Guillermo has always said just one child would be perfect.  He grew up in a family with three brothers and not much  money.  When he was a teenager he hated that he had to wear clothes from Wal-Mart, that as soon as the food was put on the dinner table it was gone with no second helpings, that his whole family shared one bathroom, and that he had to pay for college working full-time and it took him 6 years to graduate.  He has always been independent.  According to Guillermo’s mom he came out and said thanks for the ride and was on his own from there.  He always wanted to be an only child and would love to be able to provide for one child and give them every opportunity possible.

I grew up in a family with two sisters and one brother but my parents were very financially secure.  They were frugal and didn’t spoil us but we definitely had a lot of opportunities and never did without.  I loved hanging out with my siblings growing up and have always thought it would be lonely with no siblings.  I still have a great relationship with them as an adult and think it would be sad to miss out on that.  I also think that financially it wouldn’t be a stretch for us to raise two children and still live comfortably.

When we first started trying I thought we would have one and then see what Guillermo thinks.  I figured he would change his mind and maybe want another child.  Fast forward 6 years and at this point I would be so overjoyed with just one!

We talked over the last year and a half and Guillermo is really scared about having twins. We watch our friends with newborns and see how much work it is and he can’t even imagine multiplying that by two.  I also can’t imagine how much work it would be, especially the first year, but I think we could figure it out.  I’m also aware that twins would be a much higher pregnancy risk but it would be worth the risk for me to raise the odds of having at least one.  We decided to ask the doctor and let him decide what he thought about just putting back one embryo.  If he thought it was a good idea we were on board to try it.   The last office visit we had I brought it up after we had told him this was our last try.  The doctor straight out said he would NOT recommend only putting one back.  He explained that our chances were so much lower with only one embryo and the chance of twins is only about 30%.  He went on to say that he would, if we insisted, transfer only one embryo but he was very clear that he didn’t think it was a good idea.

So two it is and we’ll see what happens.  It could go three ways and I would be overjoyed with two of them.

I’ve started the endometrin, antibiotics, and steroids.  So far not too bad.  I’m done with the Lupron so I get a few days with no injections before I start the Lovenox.  I go in for blood work tomorrow to check progesterone levels. 

Today is my last day of work until Wednesday.  My awesome co-worker brought me in a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks today.  So sweet of her and my favorite but I had to pretend to drink it since I can have no caffeine. Four more days!

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