First and Last Snowboarding of the Season (hopefully)

The ski resort closest to our house opened this weekend and I got to go snowboarding!  It was beautiful weather and although it was super crowded it was a lot of fun.  I’m so happy I got to go because if all goes well that will be the only chance I get to go snowboarding until next winter.  I have an appointment for blood work and lining check on Tuesday and if everything checks out I will have to start the blood thinner. So, even though I for sure won’t be pregnant next weekend it would be a really bad idea to snowboard on the blood thinner.

I’m getting nervous for my appointment Tuesday.  I got as far as that appointment last time when the FET got cancelled.  I just need to keep in mind that I’m on lupron this time and that supposedly prevents ovulation so I should be good.  I’m sure it will be busy tomorrow at work and then we’re having dinner at a friend’s house so that will keep my mind off things.

One week from tomorrow.  Crazy! I’ll update on Tuesday, hopefully with good news.


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One Response to First and Last Snowboarding of the Season (hopefully)

  1. I hope all goes really well on Tuesday! Glad you got to get out in the meantime and enjoy something you love.

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