Wonderful Mini-Vacation

Guillermo is the most amazing husband ever. Here is the text he sent me the day before we left for my birthday get-away:

Hotel room $$$. Tickets to 2 museums $$$. Dinner at a fancy restaurant $$$. Spending time with my beautiful wife on her birthday… priceless 🙂

I just love him!  He’s so sweet and thoughtful.   I got home from work to these:

Then we headed to the city, I had already packed the night before.   The restaurant he picked was just perfect.  Great atmosphere, the food was so delicious, and every dish was a work of art.  It’s so fun to get dressed up and go out.  The hotel was beautiful and the museum exhibits were just as wonderful as I was hoping.  To top it all off the weather was just right. 

 Such a great time I didn’t even dwell on the fact that I just turned 35!

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One Response to Wonderful Mini-Vacation

  1. Kat says:

    Wow we are almost Birthday twins! I turn 31 on Sunday. Thanks for following my blog!

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