First Blood Draw Today

Today I snuck away from work to get my blood drawn to check my Estradiol levels. I’m lucky that I work downstairs from a lab so it’s no problem to just run up there for a blood draw. It’s also nice that I know the girls working there and they can usually get me in and out in about five minutes.

I got the call from a nurse at my doctor’s office just before I left work and she said that my E2 levels are “excellent”. YAY!! Such a difference from last time where my E2 was just under were they wanted at this point. Hopefully this is a good sign.

I had a feeling that it would be different this time just because I’ve felt different. When my cycle got cancelled I felt completely normal and this time I’m really bloated and tired. I guess it could be the Lupron, I’ve never been on that before so not sure what it does to me.

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