FET scheduled

I finally got my calendar!  If all goes well the big day is still set for Nov 12th.  I have my work schedule all figured out so I can go to appointments without raising any questions and have transfer day and the day after off.  Tomorrow it will be exactly 3 weeks away!  I have to be on Lupron FOREVER though, I started on the 15th of October and have to keep injecting until the 6th of November since my doctor is off the week I should be having the FET and they are stretching it out until the next week.  It’s worth it to wait, my doctor has done 3 hysteroscopies, one FET, one D&C, and a fibroid surgery on me so I really don’t want another doctor doing the FET.

I started Estrogen Patches, Estradoil, and baby aspirin two days ago.  I’m getting excited but very nervous.

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6 Responses to FET scheduled

  1. Nity says:

    Here from LFCA to say welcome. Good luck with your FET cycle!

  2. Clicker over from LFCA…I’m on the new blog list too 😉 Good luck with the transfer!

  3. Dreaming of Dimples says:

    Very exciting. Wishing u luck! I’m starting my first ivf on my next cycle. Scary and exciting all at the same time.

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