Cycle Day One

FINALLY my period started! Day 46, wow that was a LONG wait. I was so hoping that it wouldn’t start until after 5 days on Lupron and it actually started the exact day I was hoping for. It’s so nice when things work out the way I want, it doesn’t happen very often when it comes to infertility. I emailed the nurse this morning and she called me back this evening but I didn’t hear my phone ring. I’m going to call her tomorrow and get the calendar. I can’t believe I’m back on track again!

Guillermo is home! (That’s why I didn’t hear my phone ring, we were out having dinner). He didn’t get an elk but I’m just so happy he’s home and safe. The weather was awful the whole time he was gone. Last night it snowed and the wind was blowing so hard, I couldn’t stop worrying about him camping in a little backpacking tent. He had no cell service so I didn’t hear from him from Friday morning until today. Lucy called me last night and she was of freaking out a bit too. They are going to try to hunt around our house next week where they got the elk last year. Hopefully they are more successful.

What an all around good day.

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One Response to Cycle Day One

  1. Jessah says:

    I’m so glad you found my blog. Now following your journey and sending positive thoughts for this transfer!

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