FET Date Tentatively Scheduled

I finally got a call from the RE’s office yesterday afternoon.  The nurse told me that she could tell I ovulated based on the ultrasound and blood work and instead of waiting for Day One and getting on birth control I could just start taking Lupron now and on Day One I could start the FET prep.  So, essentially she was telling me that I could do the transfer before Thanksgiving which I had pretty much given up on.  She did say that I needed to be on Lupron for 5 days before my period starts.  I was at work when she called and it was a super busy day.  I answered the phone not knowing who it was and was surrounded by co-workers and a lobby full of people so I couldn’t really ask any questions, nor could I get away to talk.  The nurse told me she would call in the prescription for Lupron to a specialty pharmacy and I would have to have it delivered to my house.  I followed up with the pharmacy when I had a chance and they said they couldn’t get it to me until Friday. 

I got off work really late and was all stressed out that I couldn’t get the Lupron until Friday.  I had emailed the nurse after 5 to see if there was any way I could drive to their office in the big city today to pick up one day’s worth .  I was so worried that my period would come before 5 days and the FET would be delayed AGAIN.  Then to make matters worse I got a call from the nurse and didn’t hear my phone ring.  She must not have gotten my email but left a message that my doctor was out the week she was planning on having me do the FET.  I couldn’t call her back because it was after 7pm.  So Guillermo and I went out to dinner and I kept looking at a calendar trying to figure out if there was any way to still have it done before Thanksgiving.  There was really one day that would work for me but I figured there was a slim chance my doctor was available on that day.

This morning I got a call bright and early from my nurse and she told me not to worry about the 5 days on Lupron, it isn’t a hard fast rule.  She said based on my blood work my period probably won’t come for another week so it was no big deal to wait until Friday to start Lupron.  Then she said “how about November 12th  for FET” and that was the exact date I was hoping to schedule on!  Wow something seems to be working out!  I know I shouldn’t say that too soon but I’m excited.  Now I’m hoping my period doesn’t start until Monday or Tuesday next week.  If all goes as planned the count down is on again, 32 days!

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One Response to FET Date Tentatively Scheduled

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! That’s exciting that your FET is in less than a month! Hopefully this is THE cycle. I look forward to following your journey.

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