Emailed the nurse

So I did it.  I emailed the nurse on Friday and she wrote back “hang in there until Monday” and “this might sound crazy but did you try a urine pregnancy test?”  I wrote her back that it did sound crazy but I had  already tried the test and it was negative.  She never wrote me back so I have no idea what hang in there until Monday means.  Is there some magical solution that she has?  Some drug I can use to speed my period up?  I really have no idea, I guess I’ll find out on Monday.   I did try another pregnancy test though.  I called Guillermo Friday after work and told him what the nurse said and he told me to go buy a test (I didn’t tell him I had tested before and used the last test I had from last FET).  I was reluctant to try again but it was the weekend and I had just bought some pumpkin beer and really wanted to drink one (or two).  So I took another test and believe it or not it was negative again.  Big surprise.

This weekend has been really busy.   At the beginning of the summer we bought a pontoon boat with with a couple who are our best friends and neighbors.  There’s a lake a few miles from our house and we rented a slip at the marina for the summer.  The deadline to get the boat out of the water is next weekend because the lake freezes over in the winter.  Next weekend the boys are going elk hunting so we had to get the boat out this weekend.  Yesterday it took forever to get it out of the water because there was such a long line at the launch ramp.  We parked the boat at our house to clean it and it has been FREEZING cold.  I called it a day this afternoon when the sun went behind the mountain and the water I had wiped on the seat to scrub turned to ice.  BRRRR.   Hopefully  we can finish cleaning tomorrow after work, it’s supposed to be a bit warmer.

Now just waiting to find out what “hang in there until Monday” means and doing some baking.

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