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You might be wondering why I named the blog Make Your Own Luck when I’m blogging about infertility, something  I have no control over.  I just really like the idea of doing everything I can to live life with no regrets.  I believe I’m making my own luck by deciding to call it quits after this FET regardless of the outcome.  I don’t want to wait until I’m completely drained emotionally, financially, physically, and have no other options.  I feel like I did everything within my control to make my own luck by taking advantage of the Nepal adoption program and then going to the best RE.  Unfortunately, doing all that you can to put the odds in your favor doesn’t always work.    If this FET is successful I’m going to be ecstatic.  If not, I’ll move on with life with no regrets.

On a lighter note, I’m off work tomorrow and it’s supposed to be perfect weather.  Guillermo is packing up the truck and we’re headed on a one night camping trip as soon as I can get out of work.  The leaves are all changing now and it’s going to be so beautiful.  Maybe since we are camping AF will show up, she always seems to come when I’m camping or on vacation.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

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