Still waiting for AF

The nurse who called to cancel my FET told me to expect my period within the week. That was last Saturday and I have been not so patiently waiting for over a week. So, yesterday I finally sent my nurse an email asking if there was anything I could do to speed the process up. She called me back and told me that the other nurse was wrong, since I ovulated it will probably be two weeks instead of one. Also, there is nothing I can do to speed anything up, I just need to keep waiting and call her on day one. Now I am looking at the beginning of November for the transfer. I should just expect by now after 6 years that nothing infertility-related will work out as planned. It’s funny, I must be quite the optimist because for some reason I’m still expecting the best.

Let me explain my extreme frustration over waiting a few more months. One of the reasons we decided to wait a year and a half after the miscarriage was to get the timing just right (something I thought with IVF we could actually have control over). We live in a ski resort town and it’s really busy during the winter so it would be hard for both me and the hubby to swing time off work if we had a baby then. Also, the summers here are BEAUTIFUL and if I did the transfer in August/September I could be off for the 3 most awesome months. Another reason is the first trimester would be over before the holidays. The year I had the miscarriage it was awful to go through all of that in November/December/January when so much else is going on. I’m going to my parents house for Thanksgiving this year and I had big plans that if this worked I would be 3 months by then and could share my big news. Now, I will be lucky to be done with my two-week wait and if it’s positive I will be there at the most stressful time waiting for the ultrasound. If it’s negative I will be devastated and won’t be in the fun Thanksgiving mood at all.

All that aside, this was on MSN homepage this morning:

I guess I should consider myself fortunate to add two more months to the childless time line (should this FET work) to do all of the fun things you can’t do with children šŸ™‚ . Actually, I’m starting Wednesday, we have tickets to the baseball games Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon and a hotel room downtown in the BIG city. Should be a great distraction from the AF wait.

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