To blog or not to blog…

Over the last 6 years through the failed adoption and fertility treatments I haven’t really had anyone who understands what I’m going through besides my husband. I turned to the internet and found that there are other people in the world going through the same things as me (WOW). It has been so helpful to me to be able to read about their experiences. In fact, when I was going through the adoption I found that I would get critical information from blogs before I heard anything from my adoption agency.

For a big portion of my life I regularly wrote in a journal but after getting married that went by the wayside. I had been thinking I should start writing again especially since this is our last attempt at starting a family (ok, we’ll still attempt the natural way every chance we can get but the odds of that working are VERY small). So, I finally decided instead of writing in a journal I’ll start a blog in the off-chance that I can help someone else like the blog world has helped me. My FET cycle getting cancelled is really what motivated me to start now. I had already decided that I procrastinated too long but lucky for me I just got 6 more weeks (or longer if my period doesn’t come soon).

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